It’s difficult to stress the importance of marketing. From start-ups to national businesses, every business can benefit from higher sales and greater brand awareness that a good marketing campaign can offer. Simplifying what marketing is and what it can achieve will get you to start thinking about a successful campaign. It doesn’t matter if you have a great product or service, without any marketing nobody will know you exist.

Marketing has always existed as a broad and an elusive term, often confusing business owners and consumers alike. Terms within marketing can be confused as the same thing, for example public relations and advertising. However, these are separate terms which have different purposes.

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation” – Milan Kundera

Just think about companies such as Apple and Coca-Cola, and you will see the impact of a successful marketing campaign.

So, how do you define marketing? In it’s simplest terms marketing is a way of communicating between your business and your customers.

A successful marketing campaign will lead to the following:

A stronger and consistent brand image  – a strong image will result in an increased reputation, having a good reputation of your products or services will create a trust between your business and your customers. Customers old and new will trust the quality your product and/or services.

Loyalty from customers – existing customers will continue to use your business to purchase their products or services.

General public awareness – more and more people will know your business exists, as a result it will increase the chance of attracting your customers.

Attract and retain good employees – good marketing will make more potential employees aware of your business and will attract employees who are highly skilled at what they do.

Higher sales – the most obvious one, a good campaign will create more sales. Ultimately meaning your business will generate more profit.

Understanding what a successful marketing will lead to is very useful otherwise you wouldn’t be marketing, but what does marketing consist of and what should you do to start thinking of a good campaign. Below is a list of different categories within marketing that will aid you in your overall marketing strategy. As a business owner, you can decide to carry out some or all of the tasks in house. This is ideally useful if your start up with a low budget. Or you can out source the work. Either way, it’s your decision based on the circumstances, neither is better than the other it just depends on what works best for you.

Marketing consists of the following:

  • Advertising 
  • Community involvement
  • Customer support
  • Distribution 
  • Market research
  • Media planning
  • Product pricing
  • Public relations
  • Sales strategy 

Now, not all of the above will be relevant to your business. You need to think of a successful campaign which will communicate the message you want to create to generate the benefits for your business and attract the customers you want.

It’s important to remember, when creating a campaign you want to communicate to your ideal customers and not just everybody.

What’s been your most successful marketing campaign? We would love to hear about it, which may also benefit other businesses. Leave a comment below, post on social media or send us an email.