In a post from September 2014, The Start Up Toolkit shared a list of some useful resources and tools for start-ups to help them in business.

Now as a start-up (depending on how many of you there are) it can at times be difficult to manage everything on your own without much help.

During your start-up period you probably have a small budget, and so outsourcing tasks is not an option meaning you’ll be doing pretty much most of the work. To add to this, you’ll be project managing your own time, individual projects, the business and any staff you may have. That is a lot to take care off! Using the resources in the link will help you to better project manage you time and business.

I’ve used many of these resources myself either in the past or in my current businesses. I’ve listed a few of the resources that I use for my businesses:


Talking to customers

  • Mailchimp – send newsletters and create signup forms for your website

Team collaboration

  • Slack – manage projects, used for chat and messaging to reduce email load and easy to find all communication between teams
  • Dropbox – store your company documents on the cloud, easy to share files and reduces space on your hard drive

Building websites

  • Themeforest – loads of themes to choose from at affordable prices and it’s relatively easy to use

Crowd funding

  • Crowdcube – equity crowd funding
  • Indiegogo – crowd funding via donations with a focus on arts and creative projects

To read the full article from The Start Up Toolkit and see the entire list, click here.