In a post from Tuesday 28 July 2015, The Guardian shared an article on ‘Learning to code can help entrepreneurs stay ahead of the game’.

Technology has come along way since I was kid, it is literally all around us. For some our lives revolve around it. Since it’s become such an integral feature into our daily lives and as it continues to advance (which doesn’t look to be slowing down), it is almost imperative for entrepreneurs and CEOs to integrate technology into the running and success of their businesses.

As a result of this growth in technology there is more of a push for additional workers with digital skills to continue growing the economy. To quote from the article “Britain will need 745,000 additional workers with digital skills to continue growing the economy over the next four years, but businesses are struggling to keep up with demand.”

“Britain will need 745,000 additional workers with digital skills to continue growing the economy”

To keep up with this demand it means entrepreneurs and CEOs (especially of small businesses) will need to learn coding to be able to cope in the market. To be able to adapt and compete in the industry many businesses will need to learn coding to manage and improve their business. Outsourcing will cost too much and not adapting will mean losing out to other competitors, even basic coding will be vital to even manage daily tasks.

You may say, but my business doesn’t need apps or have an e-commerce platform, so why should I learn coding? Coding is not only useful for apps or e-commerce, but your basic website uses coding, social media data, customer data all need analysing, reviewing or even just managing. This is time consuming, even more so if you don’t have the resources for staff. So, learning coding will help analysing that data more easily, for instance by creating a database.

Pencil & Coffee another business I manage, a branding and web design company has always drawn my attention to coding. To produce better pieces of work for clients or to create a database requires me to know at least some coding. The advantage here is that my company requires me to know coding. However, it need not seem daunting as I learned all my coding on the job and using Google as my guide. Since my knowledge has been self-taught then you to can also learn how to code – perhaps you only want to know enough or you may want to know a lot more to be able to carry out different functions, needless to say the information you want can be found.

There are many online courses or classroom based courses that you can pay for to learn the information you require. On the other hand, there’s Google (my education for coding); by working on a project and learning on the job I find I learn better and having resources such as Google allows me to find the information I’m looking for and learn how to implement the coding into my current project. There are many books to read from that are cheaper than courses, the most common languages used are:

  • HTML and CSS
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • C#
  • SQL

To read the full article from The Guardian, click here.