"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity." -- Albert Einstein


Social Media Security Threats

Social media tools have changed the way we interact in both our personal and professional lives. Increasingly, they play a significant role in how business gets done however they are also high risk. The open lines of communication between enterprise and the consumer...

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The future is written in code

In a post from Tuesday 28 July 2015, The Guardian shared an article on ‘Learning to code can help entrepreneurs stay ahead of the game’. Technology has come along way since I was kid, it is literally all around us. For some our lives revolve around it. Since it’s...

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Are you looking after your work machines?

Whether you are a start up, or have been in business for decades, modern enterprises require the use of computers. Email is an invaluable communication tool, and basic office software makes completing day-to-day business tasks an ease. Computers have become essential...

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5 apps to boost productivity

Being more productive is something all entrepreneurs want to be. The 5 apps listed below are ones I personally use which I believe has helped boost my productivity in business. These are my personal top 5 apps using Apple devices so far. Of all the apps I have used,...

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