So a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet with the SpiritWarden, who’s done some inspiring stuff through his blogs. I wanted to be able to share what he’s done and been able to combine it with spirituality. Below is a transcript of the interview with the SpiritWarden, the video is coming soon!

Who is the Spiritwarden?

The Spiritwarden is a self-reflection of my journey through life. It is literally all my thoughts, my philosophies and experiences collated and shared with likeminded individuals. I began Spiritwarden 2/3 years ago; those years for me have been a journey of self-reflection. In essence a journey of me finding my purpose as I believe everyone has a purpose to find. I needed to find my purpose, amongst having the usual job I needed to share my message, because I believe our generation has it hard. No one has told us to love life and be true to who you are with all the pressures that surround us. My advice, embrace yourself and be true to you. Growing up I would have loved someone telling me this rather than having to learn it myself, instead I’ve been learning and applying this on a daily basis. At the end of the day knowledge is power and if you’re not sharing it, then it is not used wisely.

That is literally what Spiritwarden is; I wanted to shed some light in the darkness. We are surrounded by negativity, especially by the media. I wanted to be the light even if it is a small one, but to be able to share some light and create positivity around me, even if it is a few people I’ve reached to then I’ve achieved something. It’s a message and I’m the messenger.


How have you made Spiritwarden into a business?

I had an aim, with every business you have a purpose and you expect an outcome. I took time to think about what the purpose was and what am I’m trying to achieve.  First of all it started off by sharing some messages and I thought to myself I want to make this not as a profitable brand but as persona of Spiritwarden which links to spirituality and positivity. Who knows who else it could inspire, as long as my purpose was to inspire that was my aim when setting up Spiritwarden. This then lead me to create the logo and my social media platforms to be able spread messages of positivity.

Through my work people began to recognise me as Spiritwarden which lead to me setting up an online blogging company, which is the beginning of my business as Spiritwarden. Ultimately it became my business, they know who I was and what I was doing and they were the two key things that you need to run a business.


What do the Spiritwarden blogs aim to achieve?

I started off with blogging about spirituality, in order to write a blog and make it relatable to people it has to have a degree of self-reflection. They say words are magic; every word you echo has an emotion and meaning behind it and an action which follows. Every time I write a blog it is a reflection of what I am going through and in turn it portrays a message to the reader.  Through my messages I don’t teach people, I help them remember, because they already know the message, I just want to help them to remember. Because people are so absorbed in their day to day lives they often forget the messages, I thought this was an amazing platform for me to help them remember. Understanding who you’re catering for is very important. For me my message is universal, whether you’re 18 or 90, you’ve either been through it or you’re going through it.

I try to keep the blogs short to keep people engaged and make it relatable to them. From blogging it went to videos, at first I was apprehensive but I knew soon as I began recording I just needed to speak from the heart. The first video I did, was called ‘Follow your calling,’ I’ve always admired people who do video’s, for example people like Prince EA. They all do what I do but on a much bigger scale and I look up to them. They are doing so much good in the world. Those that choose to spread a message of positivity to do something purposeful which benefits mankind, well that’s just amazing. When I made my first video I was very fearful but something clicked in my mind and I asked myself a question ‘Is your purpose greater than your fear?’ I thought to myself if I don’t share this message wouldn’t that be a waste. They say the graveyard is the richest place in the world, why? Because there so many dreams, knowledge and experiences are left behind which were never fulfilled. You should never live a life without regret.  Don’t become one of those people that take their wealth to the grave.

The blogs and videos escalated my whole experience as I was an able meet amazing people.  Vlogging also gave me an excellent platform to grow from.


What other platforms are you using to get the message across?

At the moment, my main platforms are Facebook, YouTube and Instagram as they are my favorite. Out of the three Instagram is my preferred one. The benefit we have with social media is we can do and share anything from almost anywhere. There is no excuse, get yourself out there; we have the resources to be able to spread a message instantly across the world.

I then went on to work with #HASHTAGYM. Just from using social media, coincidently I was meeting the right people and I believe in something called the law of attraction, your thoughts become things. We must realise that everything is made from energy, when we have a thought there is a receiver of that energy. The more I became positive and the more I began to believe, the more coincidences started to appear. People, who I hadn’t spoken to for years, began to express how much they loved reading my blogs, and then randomly I was meeting the right people and having the right conversations.

For example, meeting you! Even though we knew of each other we didn’t talk much and then one day we had coffee, which was followed by a deep conversation, which lead to this interview. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Then that lead to working with a new gym opening in Hamilton, Leicester called #HASHTAGYM which is not just about being fit but thinking in a way which elevates you. Because you can be fit, but to be all round fit you need the right mindset, the body is a vessel which carries the soul. That was my message, so they wanted me to come on board and talk about positivity and write for them.

A friend of mine works as a personal trainer and he has a coach who is a Buddhist teacher who teaches Buddhism at the world peace cafe. He added me on Facebook, and said he loves what I’m doing and would like me to come to one of his talks.

It started off with a dream, from one word and everything after that just flowed, like water. With water, if you hold it too tight it will slip through your fingers, hold it too loosely it will also slip through your fingers. But if you gently cup it, it will rest in your palms – balanced and calm. Whatever you put out you will receive.


You’ve been able to achieve something which a lot of other business owners say won’t work, you’ve believed in spirituality and been applying it to your business. 

How have you set up a business and adapted spirituality to it?

Well I have a separate business which is called Alpha Elite, which caters towards products and supplements. I believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience, so although you maybe spiritual, the spirit dwells in the human body, which needs to be taken care of. I am helping people spiritually to help their mental being but people also have physical issues to deal with in their day to day life and what I do is offer perhaps a solution towards these physical issues.

For example, our products help people with arthritis and eczema.  It’s good for your body as well. The mind and body work in tandem with each other. I’m offering products that promote fitness and well-being and letting people know they should take care of themselves. Life is a gift and you should live it to the fullest, but to do that you should look after and nourish the body.

If the message of SpiritWarden is all about taking care of yourself and others around you, my business needs to reflect the same message. My businesses therefore shouldn’t be any different to my beliefs. We live under the impression that business is cut throat, don’t get me wrong we do it to earn a living and the money is important for survival but the purpose is more important. I believe never to be too greedy, be honest and live your life righteously. The first thing for me when setting my business up was ensuring I was uplifting my clients by putting them in the right mind state before discussing business.

When it comes to business, there is a stereotype that business men want nothing else then to purely make money. I wanted to make sure that my business would reflect who I am. I made sure my customers believe in me and the values I hold.  I didn’t make people buy into me by being someone I wasn’t; I just was in that moment, just me. Always understand you have to make a living but also be true to what you live by. Understand in life if what you’re doing is not benefitting anyone then it’s not worth doing, think about it like this when you die all the wealth, cars, and houses won’t come to the grave with you. But your experiences and messages you spread will live on through other people. Why can you not do that in business? When you relate to people on this level, relationships become a lot more effective. By making a client happy they will believe in you and the business a lot more.


How do you apply the theory of mind, body and soul into your daily life and business?

The first thing I do is practice gratitude. Spirituality is about gratitude. We spend so much time thinking, that it takes over us and we don’t make time for ourselves. The more grateful you are of life the more life will give back to you. The only legacy I will leave in this life will be my purpose, and my purpose is to spread positivity through everything I do and everyone I meet.

Fitness and wellbeing is an important part of my life, my body is my vessel and therefore I will continue to look after myself.  If a guest was visiting your home, you wouldn’t leave it in a mess would you?  You would tidy up a make the space habitable.  Your soul is an inhabitant of the body thus you would not let such an important guest live in a messy environment.

Live a balanced life and enjoy everything you do. There will always be ups and downs throughout this journey but if there wasn’t then you wouldn’t be living or creating a good business. Light cannot exist without darkness. You will deal with hurdles in life but you need to change your reaction to it. Find the positive in everything in life. “Pain is inevitable; suffering is a choice.”


What are the future plans in business for Spiritwarden?

Writing will always be my passion. My favourite authors are Paulo Coelho and Robin Sharma, both authors who writes books which are translated in different languages across the world.  I want to do something similar but in my own way, by being me. No one can be better at being me than me.

Find someone who has achieved what you want and learn from their path.  However, always be true to who are and don’t ever get lost trying to be someone else.

Bring your own unique persona to what you do. I want to write books, continue doing videos, connecting with more people and travelling.  The more there are of people doing good work, the better the world will become. I want to do public speaking to uplift a crowd with positivity.

Energy has no beginning or end, it can only be transferred.  If you have a bad morning and remain negative about it that feeling will follow you around and everything will be negative around you and you will pass it onto others too. But if you think positive instead and spread that, positivity will begin to follow you. Spread that positivity everywhere you go.

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