Mobile is in style, and it’s gained traction in the marketing world. Driving sales requires persistence, patience and time, but a solid strategy can invoke the world’s most effective strategies. Already, providers like are offering insights, pinpointing the mobile rise alongside astounding stats. 92 percent of United States consumers currently use mobile devices, and 2016 will likely usher in increased numbers, new avenues and great opportunities.

Mobile marketing increases sales potential with instant connectivity, location-based offers and a slew of on-platform amenities unrivalled by alternative marketing resources. Check out our list of sales-driving tips below, and take advantage of the business world’s hottest trends.

Tip One: Simplify Calling

To drive sales, you need to direct the consumer through their path-to-purchase. Brick-and-mortar and e-commerce platforms, alike, offer excellent sales potential—but each should be streamlined for success.

All of your mobile-accessible platforms need to procure simplified call buttons. Make sure your e-store, social media page and web page utilise the latest technology, and ensure total accessibility for consumers on the go. Studies reveal consumers unable to directly contact a company via mobile are 47 percent more likely to explore other brand options. Another 33 percent are less likely to return to the brand, and even more will feel frustrated and annoyed.


Tip Two: Partner Your Mobile Strategies with Content Marketing

While not strictly adherent to mobile platforms, content is incredibly useful to the modern marketer. Content marketing increases smartphone-based leads, and it can outperform Twitter and Facebook when executed effectively. To generate sales, create a content marketing strategy capable of being synergistic with each mobile outreach effort.

As your options increase, your mobile campaign’s lead generation will too. Each follow-up should be directed at in-store purchase, and every user should experience similar brand strategies across all platforms. When possible, imbue your content marketing strategy with cross-platform accessibility to drive further conversion and direct communication. Check out these tips to further your mobile marketing prowess, and to incorporate great content strategies with any mobile-based platform.

Tip Three: Use QR Codes

QR codes run the mobile marketing world, and they’re highly advantageous from a sales standpoint. QR codes are fast, and they offer immediate environments capable of spiking sales numbers. Your consumers won’t wait for new information, and they’re even less likely to ask about deals and offers.

QR codes, when implemented successfully, offer unprecedented tracking power, too. Your consumer’s behaviour can be logged, and you can utilise gathered information to enhance buyer potential, happiness and coordination. Right now, consumers are preferring mobile to desktop access—reducing their want of Internet-based information. A quick QR campaign offers immediate benefits. It offers app crossover, too.


Tip Four: Use Video Media

Social media has redefined the way consumers view video media. In the past, YouTube would be scoured for trending videos. Now, Facebook users share popular hits instantly. Due to mobile’s popularity in the social media world, a campaign enhanced to harness video media stands to gain a lot.

By 2017, video is predicted to account for 69 percent of consumer Internet traffic. Consumers love branded video, and they’re very open to cross-platform video links. Incorporate branded videos in your mobile strategy, and entice viewers to cross into your app’s territory. Again, cross-market potential is always important. Video, itself, is highly effective, but its full potential is realised when backed by a strong cross-platform system.


Tip Five: Incorporate Mobile Wallets

Juniper Research suggests offers via a brand’s mobile wallets increase average order value by 26 percent. E-wallets have become valuable consumer resources, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, mobile technology’s future will likely consume mobile wallets—becoming inseparable from them.

Utilise mobile wallet access now. Consumers capable of saving time, money and effort via your brand’s mobile wallet will increase purchases. Of course, mobile wallets shouldn’t constitute all of your sales-increasing resources. A solid mobile platform must supplement it—as should a streamlined web app.

In any case, watertight mobile software should be used. Always keep your brand’s software up to date, and constantly revaluate old smartphone technology against new arrivals. Mobile marketing is a marathon, and it needs time to be executed successfully. As the decision maker, your responsibilities to the consumer are paramount.

Author Biography

Sophorn Chhay

Sophorn is an inbound marketer specialising in attracting targeted visitors and generating sales qualified leads. Through Trumpia’s SMS marketing automation solution he helps businesses and organisations communicate effectively with their customers or members. Watch Trumpia’s 5-Minute Demo on how to execute an effective mobile marketing strategy.