So you’ve done the hard work by setting up your business but what’s the next big thing? And how do you get your business off the ground? The attention your business profile could gain from having a social media presence could attract a mass of customers, develop your brand and help to increase sales.


With over 302 million monthly active users on Twitter it comes as no surprise that this global communication platform is the gateway to marketing success. Here are some essentials for a captivating Twitter account.

  • Customise your profile – First impressions always count so take the time to ensure that your Twitter profile portrays both a professional and positive message before launching it. Use your Twitter bio to include a link to your website to encourage traffic. Don’t underestimate the importance of writing a statement about what your business does and what products are available. You’ve only got a short space to grab the attention of your audience so don’t sell yourself short. Be creative and include your slogan if you have one, as well as your company logo for your profile picture or cover photo.


  • Attract followers – You will need to develop your Twitter style and show that you can actively engage with your audience. A successful Twitter account is one in which there is a lot of activity. Use a scheduling tool like TweetDeck to keep on top of posting tweets on a frequent basis. Remember retweets are more likely to be seen and noticed by more people so don’t forget to ask for retweets and start a conversation with your audience. Ways of keeping them interested could include posting a quiz or poll. You can also conduct some market research at the same time by asking them to comment on one of your latest products to gather useful feedback and an insight into their consumer habits.


  • Make it personal – Kindness and gratitude for a customer’s business will ensure that they have a positive and memorable experience so make them feel valued. Do this by mentioning them, following them back and saying ‘thank you for their business’. Encourage them to share feedback about your products and post pictures to create a big buzz around what you have to offer. Customers like the ‘exclusive’ factor so be sure to post a picture or video of your business behind the scenes.


  • Popular tweets – Tweet about hot topics and post interesting content. All things including infographics, links to blogs, videos, podcasts and pictures are likely to grab the attention of your audience. Look at what topics are trending and use this as a way to find out what others are talking about and get involved with the conversation. Remember to spread your tweets out and use hash tags to emphasise the important part of a conversation as well as key messages about your business.


  • Become the expert – Hosting or joining a Twitter Chat is a great way to get involved with other users about a predetermined topic. It’s your chance to engage with your audience and others in your industry. You could bring in guest speakers to comment on a current topic and show your audience that you’re the expert in your field. You may find it useful to build a list and include customers, people in your industry and those who inspire you in business. Use this to network your way to success.

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