“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” -- John C. Maxwell


How to Motivate and Retain Staff

As it can be challenging for managers to motivate and retain employees within the workforce, it comes as no surprise that, a recent survey by Approved Index reveals half of workers have left a job because of a bad boss. One of Britain’s highest profile billionaires...

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The Importance of Communication

I recently worked for six months as a trainee manager in a high street retail store. Without naming the organisation, it was real busy – it continues to thrive in a recession-hit market, and the job was demanding in many ways. After all, it is retail. I saw a lot...

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The fear of failure

As an entrepreneur we’ve all faced the fear of failure, at some point or another. After all it’s only natural to be fearful of something new. This fear of failure can literally stop your dreams before it even starts. As an entrepreneur it is necessary to overcome this...

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Power, Sex and Money

Power, sex and money – These have become symbols of aspiration for the modern man although, they have been status symbols from the time man probably began. What is it that makes this so attractive to us and why do we, as male entrepreneurs strive for these ideals and...

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UK General Election 2015

It has been an intense run up to election day. It was believed that it would be a hung parliament, but today; the Conservatives won by a majority. But what does this mean for business owners having a Conservative party in parliament? The Conservative memorandum has...

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