The implementation of a solid network infrastructure is one of the more expensive investments that a company will make, but such is the importance of effective online communication in today’s business world that it is not something on which companies can afford to cut corners. Taking the time and expense to build an optimised network infrastructure will ultimately reap its rewards further down the line.

This infographic by Exigent Networks ( explains the process of creating a network infrastructure step by step, beginning with the determination of what is required and eventually finishing with the infrastructure installed and being reviewed. Each step of the process is crucial and should involve the input of IT experts to maximise its effectiveness.

In addition to the start-to-finish guide as explained above, there is also a few useful tips to remember when building a network infrastructure, as well as the benefits to companies who have a solid network in place. Any expert in this field will tell you that it is far better to make the investment initially and have the infrastructure working flawlessly than to skimp on spending at first and then be forced to dig deep into your accounts to repair a problem.

Check out the infographic below for more information on building a network infrastructure.