It is that time of year again where savvy shoppers are whipped into a frenzy at the thought of a possible bargain. Thanksgiving dinner in the US has slowly become overshadowed by the retail extravaganzas that are Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

These ‘events’ are now firmly present in the retail calendar across the world which has created some headaches for retail owners as they try to plan their already busiest period of the year. The quandary they find themselves in is that if they don’t partake in providing perceived bargains for customers, they will likely lose custom to a competitor.

This infographic from Carvaka Adult Toys aims to highlight some interesting points from the big retail weekend of 2014 – some of the statistics are really startling! It also shows who won and who suffered a little from issues related to being too busy! It also pinpoints some key learnings that retailers can take away from the 2014 event for 2015 and also examines some expert opinion about how the retail weekend has changed the overall retail landscape.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Infographic - UK