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We enjoy researching on proven methods, previous successes and new ways to improve running a business. As we gather our research we want to be able to share it with you so you can benefit from it too.


We are passionate about learning. We love learning new information and new ways to improve our businesses. We want to make sure you have the same access to learning.


Entrepreneurship is in our nature and we want to be able to share that passion and inspire you to become a successful entrepreneur.


Every business needs to grow to continue to be successful. We enjoy watching and sharing other entrepreneurs grow from strength to strength, as well as ourselves.

Our Story

Biz Gazette is your personal business blog. Our mission is to provide you with practical information, advice, hints and tips to get you on your way to running a successful business.

Biz Gazette was set up by Danny Gohil, after using the web to research information to help along his journey of entrepreneurship. He quickly realised although there were a lot of blogs online claiming to help in a certain topic, they often didn’t have much quality content behind it instead being used more so for SEO purposes to click onto the site.

With Biz Gazette our aim is to provide detailed articles/blogs that provide quality content that you as an entrepreneur can implement the information straight away depending on what stage you are at with your business. So we hope you can take something away from this site to help or inspire you on your journey of entrepreneurship

Areas we’re passionate about:

  • Entrepreneurship 92%
  • Marketing 60%
  • App Development 68%
  • Technology 90%
  • Social Media 72%
  • Digital Marketing 85%
  • Start ups 97%
Danny Gohil

Danny Gohil


Passionate about entrepreneurship and inspiring others on their own journey of becoming an entrepreneur.