Being more productive is something all entrepreneurs want to be. The 5 apps listed below are ones I personally use which I believe has helped boost my productivity in business. These are my personal top 5 apps using Apple devices so far. Of all the apps I have used, these are the ones I have found most useful.

Things – Things is a great task manager app for remembering things. A simple to use app with great features, making it easy to input your tasks and manage them as you tick each one off. The app can be used across all Apple devices and transition between each device is seamless. Off all the to-do apps I’ve used Things is the one which won me over with the way it looks, it’s ease of use and great features which stores my tasks in a very organised way. There is a fee for the app but I think it’s worth it!

To find out more about the app visit their website: Things

Simplenote – a clean and simple interface, to add as soon as you think of them. No need to remember them in your head anymore, with this easy to use app just type in your note and it’s done. Then you can add to notes or act upon them when the time comes. It’s also great when I think of a blog idea, I can write all my thoughts down on a topic and then neaten it up when I get time. It synchronises instantly across all devices, so you don’t need to keep using different devices to get your notes. It’s easy to stay organised with your notes using tags and easily use the search function so that you never misplace an important thought again.

And the great thing is, the app is free!  To download the app go to the app store or visit the website: Simplenote

Slack – this is a good tool when you have more than one person working on a project. It’s a great software to communicate between staff, it also allows you to invite only certain members of staff to particular projects too! It’s an easy to manage to communicate, share updates and files all in one place. If you loose the information on your computer you can go back to Slack and find the file again. Making working life more productive.

Go to: Slack for more information.

Caffeine – now this is a great app for when you’re not using your computer but don’t want it fall asleep. We know this can be quite frustrating when your waiting for something to download or reading a large amount of text. Simple and easy to use app you won’t even know it’s there!

To download the app go to: Lighthead Software

iCal – the most obvious of all the productivity tool is the calendar application on the Apple devices, easy to use and organises all my appointments and meetings in colour code and keeps me on top of my day.

Like I said these are the apps I prefer to use from the ones I have used so far. If you’ve used other applications which you think are better or work well with these then please share with a link to the application and why you find a useful app for productivity.