We all look forward to taking holidays abroad, lapping up the sunshine in an exotic location while forgetting about the stresses and strains of everyday life for a short period. Some of us, though, may find it hard to switch off completely while we’re on an overseas holiday. We constantly wonder if our home is safe and secure from burglars who could notice that the property is unoccupied and see this as an ideal opportunity to strike.

The good news for those of us who may be especially anxious about our homes is that the prevalence of home security apps has made it easier than ever before to keep a watchful eye over our property from almost any location in the world. Apps such as iVideon, Video Relay, i-Security and Alarm.com enable users to view live footage from their homes’ CCTV cameras, record relevant video footage on your mobile device, receive alerts when unusual behaviour is detected and even lock or unlock your doors and windows remotely.

This infographic from JMC Technologies (https://www.jmcsecure.co.uk/) identifies 10 of the best home security apps that, better still, are absolutely free to download. The standout features of each app are identified, enabling you to decide which (if not all) are the most ideal for your collection. Take a look below; it’s well worth 2-3 minutes of your time.10-Great-&-Free-Home-Security-Apps-Infographic